guidance and support for moments of farewell… whether you are looking for a celebration of life or need support with scattering of ashes, read on or simply get in touch, because sometimes it’s easier to talk…
As an interfaith minister, I am privileged to provide you with compassionate support during times of loss. I offer ceremonies for most life events, but not funerals. The empathy that is so essential for all my work means I feel the raw grief immediately after death very very deeply which means I don’t feel able to hold space the way family and friends need it, at a crematorium or graveside.
As I closed the door to one set of ceremonies for loss, another one opened though, when I realised I had a calling to support individuals and families a bit further down the line of their journey of loss and saying goodbye.
Dealing with ashes usually happens some time after the loss, when both professional support and support from family and friends is less easy to find. A final act of letting go can be hard and overwhelming though and that’s where I am offering my help! Whether it’s holding space for families who are deliberating what to do with ashes, supporting with rituals for scattering or interment of ashes, or scattering ashes in Scotland for those who are unable to fulfill the wishes of their loved ones themselves, it’s a privilege to minister to those often overlooked needs.


Scattering ashes is yet another step of letting go, but because of limited support and experience, the planning and ultimate event can be very lonely and overwhelming. I conduct personalised ceremonies in the Highlands of Scotlands that bring comfort and closure to all who attend in a natural setting,  honoring the final wishes of your loved one. As part of my support I will advise on suitable locations, permissions and legalities, as well as methods. On the day, with compassion and sensitivity, I create a space where memories are shared and farewells are said, and where families and friends can focus on this part without worrying about anything else. 

stunning locations

the Scottish Highlands offer a breathtaking backdrop for ceremonies. with its picturesque landscapes and tranquil settings, I can help you find the perfect location to scatter ashes or hold a ceremony that truly captures the essence of your loved one’s personality & spirit.


Because not everyone can travel to be present for the scattering of ashes, I offer our services to scatter ashes on behalf of families who are unable to make the journey to the Highlands of Scotland, ensuring their loved one is honored with utmost respect. Whatever natural environment you choose – sea, coast, mountains or woodlands, I can support with finding the right place and will conduct a respectful ceremony. 

all faiths and none

as an interfaith minister, I welcome working with those from all faith paths or those who do not follow any particular religious beliefs. I aim to create a safe and inclusive environment where everyone feels supported and their loved ones are honoured according to their own unique beliefs and values.


For many the final goodbye of scattering ashes is very personal and so you may want to keep it as a private event. Or maybe you are looking to scatter ashes outwith the Highlands of Scotland, or in other parts of the United Kingdom or even beyond, and so it’s not practical for me to support you in person. For those cases I am happy to work with you on creating a ceremony that you can deliver yourself, as an indivudual or shared with family and friends. We will work together in crafting a flow of steps, including any rituals or readings you choose and I can help you compose the parts you want to say, or write parts or all of the ceremony for you. I will also support you with questions about locatons and methods of scattering ashes. 

handcrafted & personal

because no two people are alike – their background, stories, believes and what mattered to them – no ceremony for loss or remembrance should be the same either. all my ceremonies are personal and unique, based on what you share with me so it’s a true fit!


Those left behind may not always be clear about what their loved ones meant to happen with their ashes. in some cases there are questions about the feasibility of their ideas, and in other other cases family members might disagree what should happen. Involving a third party to support with these questions and decisions can make it easier and I will be happy to meet with all involved to map ideas, review options and talk through differences in opinion. As an Interfaith Minister I can hold space when things get complicated, and my facilitation and mediation skills will hopefully help to come to a decision or compromise more easily. With 20 years of experience in online communication I offer various approaches, from facilitated written discussions via email, to video or voice calls as a group or  with individuals.

creative, alternative or traditional

the final goodbye can follow more traditional lines, but can also be a very creative occasion. I’m happy to work with you on ideas about location, rituals and other ceremony elements that honour your loved one and truly reflect who they were and what they valued

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