are you looking to celebrate or honour a transition in your life? coming of age, a change of family circumstances retirement or a new home to name a few… read on for some thoughts on how rituals & ceremonies can support these transitions, or get in touch to share and have a chat on how I can support you…
Whatever new comes into your life – a child,  home, career, stage in life, or whatever ends, resulting in a new beginning or direction – ceremony & ritual are wonderful for honouring these milestones, either privately or bringing family & friends together for a special event.
My special offering is ceremonies with a strong nature connection and I am happy to conduct them in locations in the North of Scotland, or if you are outwith the area then I can work with you on crafting ceremonies and rituals you can celebrate without my presence too. Below you will find some options but I am always happy to talk about your unique circumstances and how I can be of help.


A ceremony to welcome a child to a family is a lovely opportunity to bring family and friends together  for sharing hopes and aspirations and promising support. 


These days many families change and evolve all the time. Celebrating a new blended family can be a wonderful opportunity to honour the past and embrace the future.

stunning locations

there is an abundance of amazing locations in Scotland, and especially in my home region of the Scottish Highlands. Some ceremonies work well in a home environment and yet there is also something magic about taking yourself and your loved ones to a special place to honour a special life event. Maybe you want to make it part of a holiday or family visit, or maybe there is a place with a special meaning… a child hood memory, or where your ancestors lived. Or maybe you are looking for a very special place in nature that has symbolic meaning for you… a waterfall, beach, geology, a woodland… I always enjoy exploring options and offering supporting to find the right location for ceremonies & celebrations.


Trying to conceive can be a time of excitement and hope, and sometimes it’s a time of challenges and disappointments. Ceremony and rituals can support individuals and couples in navigating this landscape.


Expecting a child, whether via pregnancy or other routes like fostering or adoption, is an emotional period. There are rituals that can help with preparing mentally, emotionally and spiritually for this new phase in life.

all faiths and none

as an Interfaith Minister I love working with clients from all faiths paths, or none, to create ceremonies that meet their very individual needs. Sometimes there is simply a sense of spirituality that needs honoring and integrating and in other cases it is making sure that all involved feel acknowledged and represented.  


When family constellations change there is often no marking the occasion and yet with a conscious acknowledgement of the changes and their meaning for family relationships and dynamics lot of pain can be avoided and a more constructive path into the future can be walked.


Separation and divorce ceremonies are designed to help you let go of what no longer serves you and embrace the next chapter of your life. Through rituals, readings, and personalised promises, this type of ceremony guides towards healing, closure, and a renewed sense of empowerment.

rituals and symbols

I always love to incorporate rituals and symbols into ceremonies that truly reflect the personal preferences, stories, traditions and beliefs of those I work with. For me the art of weaving these elements into a ceremony is finding those that have real meaning, fit the surroundings and create an unforgettable memory.


Coming of age is an important milestone that signifies growth, maturity, and new beginnings. My ceremonies are designed to honor this transition and empower individuals as they embark on their journey towards adulthood.


Retirement is a very special time of transition, entering a new phase of opportunities but also honouring that something big is ending. A retirement ceremony is a time to reminisce, celebrate accomplishments and embrace the dawn of a different everyday life.

a personal touch to every ceremony

I believe in the power of personalisation and I always take the time to listen and understand your story, ensuring that every aspect of the ceremony resonates deeply with you and your loved ones. 


Blessing one’s home is an ancient tradition and still common in many cultures and faith traditions. It can provide a wonderful opportunity to make a new space truly your home and can be done with a celebrant leading a ceremony, but is equally meaningful among a smaller circle of family and friends,  involving some rituals and symbolic acts. 


Whether starting on treatment for an illness, or embarking on a programme of recovery, there is often a sense of limited control, which can be made easier by creating and following rituals. My role is to work with you in finding rituals that match the circumstances, and your sensibilities, so that rituals truly support you on your journey of healing.
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